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Personalized, Trauma- Informed, Holistic Financial Coaching

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Financial Wellness is an important part of everyone’s lives… especially parents.

The responsibility and commitment of parenting can be heavy… even overwhelming.  Thinking about our children’s futures, and how every little choice we make now can deeply impact their lives later.

Sometimes it’s too much

I know what it’s like to lay in bed at night doing the math on my bills over and over again.

And it just never ads up.

Just as we were getting ahead, somebody clipped you in the supermarket parking lot. Now you’re back to square one.  Again.

This constant tension around money makes it difficult to be patient and present with your children.

Logically, we know we should be able to make this all work, but nothing ever changes.  It’s exhausting.

You are so much closer to financial wellness than you might think.

The very first time a parent meets with me, they’re surprised.  There is no shame, no judgment, and no, I never tell anyone what to do.

If just being told what to do worked, it would have worked by now. By sharing with you specific tools along with careful support and guidance, you’ll see your life begin to transform. And it’s fun!

Whether it’s a group or individual session, you’ll leave every meeting with something you can use that day that begins to untangle your self-worth from your finances.

I’m all about progress without obligation, judgment, shame, or directives. Let’s put the energy where it belongs!

What would it look like if you could trust yourself with money?

Imagine taking that first, fresh, clean breath of air where your finances are no longer a source of pain and shame.

It’ll be a no drama, no debt kind of breath.

Imagine how much you could teach their children… modeling what it looks like to make decisions that serve them well in the future.

And this isn’t just about your individual financial lives.

Each family that attends the group sessions has the opportunity to support and empower one another’s families.

Yes, we’ll be talking about how to change your relationship with money, but also how to build a supportive network around yourself…

Our workshops have the potential to build a community debt-payoff program. As a group, you’ll will be able to pay off  your debts in about a third of the time than they could have on your own.

There is power in community.

You can text me at (503) 908-3425 anytime!