person keeping a money journal at a mountain lake

Finally, an expenses tracker that actually teaches you to trust yourself with money again!

How many times have you downloaded expenses tracker apps…

…set reminders on your phone, and kept a piece of paper with you to track at all times?  My guess is you’re able to stay with your tracking for about a week, and then life gets busy and the tracking falls off.   After several attempts and subsequent “failures”, most of us will stop trying!  That hesitancy to try again is normal.

What would your life look like if you could be aware of your spending without judging yourself while simultaneously building an adaptive routine of tracking right into your life?

The YourWorthCoach Spending Tracker is a guided journal, a workbook, and a tracker all in one!

If just restricting your spending was enough to make long-term positive behavior change, we’d all be fine!  But building the routine of tracking your spending can’t just be done by sheer willpower or brute force.

Learning to observe your own behavior (spending) without judgment, and simultaneously learning to trust yourself is the secret-sauce to how I teach my clients to track.

Now you have access to the 45-day guided journal I share with my own clients!  This 70-page journal walks with you step-by-step towards building a healthy tracking routine without making you feel like garbage!   (It even comes along with some secret goodies)

Download the latest version of the journal here:

(Last updated September 2022)

Need some more info before you download the tracker and guided journal?

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