Thank you for your feedback!

Can you help me share what I do?

Yup, referring people to me can kinda suck.

If you’ve found any value in our work together, you know that talking about money is some of the hardest, but best work you can do.

And I bet if you’re listening for it, you’ll hear someone close to you use language like “I don’t know why I work this hard if nothing ever changes”, or “I just need to get my @#!! together.”

Nothing makes me happier than when my clients are comfortable enough to reach out to those they care about and share their biggest take-aways from our work together. And I’m always honored when those clients share my contact information with the people in their orbit.

But I also appreciate that for those in your orbit that first phone call or email is almost impossibly difficult. It’s not that they aren’t motivated or serious about making change in their life, it’s just that the path towards financial wellness seems too daunting to even begin.

So let’s make it easier!

As a thank you for giving me feedback, you can gift someone you care about two free sessions with me. And I’ll personally reach out to them, no form email or text. It’d also be super cool if you let them know I’ll be contacting them!