Financial Coaching and Consulting
for Community Non-Profit Organizations

I know the work you’re doing isn’t easy…

Over and over, our funding and staff’s time get swallowed up by a black hole of need. There is never enough… never enough time, financial support, resources, information, or motivation.

We provide all our clients with a budget, but they never fill them out.

I’m willing to go the extra mile for people I serve, but most aren’t even trying. They’ve lost motivation, and worse, they’ve lost hope. Why should I go above and beyond if they aren’t putting in even minimal effort?

I can see the choices they are making will not serve them long-term. Why can’t they?

Stuck in our hamster wheel, we try to resolve these frustrations by pouring on more information, more to-do lists, more resources, more classes, more expectations, more budget forms, and more accountability onto those we serve.

And then… nothing… no lasting, long-term, positive change.

When you’ve tried everything with little to no change…

… and feel like your only recourse is to try the same things again and again…

It sucks!!

You try and try again using the only tools you have, but you get discouragingly pitiful results.

The pattern is unmistakable. You see those you serve stuck in this cycle, and I see agencies and organizations just like yours stuck in a similar one.

Maybe you’ve implemented a few financial literacy classes, set the expectation that those you serve to save a certain amount of money each month… or even expected them to complete a monthly budget.

I don’t have to be a great prognosticator to say this: If you were getting the results you wanted out of these kinds of efforts, you wouldn’t be reading this page.

Pacific Stoa can help with your concerns – for your clients and yourself.

Whether your organization aims to take people from poverty into great wages, help underserved communities navigate the dizzying world of resources available to them, or just wake up every morning to serve your community, you’ve probably felt the frustrations of this cycle.

We want change, but to get it, we have to create the CONDITIONS for change.

But if you aren’t teaching the kinds of tools that supplant old, maladaptive money habits and mindsets with new, adaptive, mindful money routines, you will continue to see the same results you see now: starting over and over without anyone ever getting a fresh start or enjoying any progress.

Just teaching money mechanics (budgets, saving, spending) isn’t enough. Those good money mechanics (aka “financial literacy”) must be married to soft skills like problem-solving, decision-making, and reducing procrastination. The underlying skillset here is to teach others to be aware of their behaviors (without judgment) and be resilient.

Once they are aware and resilient, they will use and build their own money system that works for them. They’ll have the advantage they need so that they no longer need your services.

Resilience and awareness are the CONDITIONS your clients need to create their OWN change.

It’s not as complicated as you might think.

The Pacific Stoa curriculum is modular and can be adapted specifically to the needs of you and your clients.

At times, this might mean meeting directly with those you serve. Other times, I am training your front-end staff on the tools and concepts I use every day, so they can reteach those ideas to the community they serve. And sometimes, it’s a combination of these two things.

Everything I teach is trauma-informed – not just for those you serve but for your staff, too. This means everything we do will be collaborative, full of autonomy and choice, and sensitive to where you all are right now in your lives.

There is no judgment, shame, guilt, or punishment in the Pacific Stoa coaching philosophy!

Think of the opportunity you have here…

You can change the prospects of not just those you are serving now… but of generations that follow.

This kind of change doesn’t happen with traditional preprinted budgets slid across the table, and it doesn’t happen with one-time financial literacy classes. It takes a holistic approach and a customized strategy built specifically for you, your organization, and those you serve.

What does that look like for your agency? Let’s find 45 minutes next week to talk about it. Give me a call: (503) 908-3425.