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What's wrong with me???

I’ve done everything I should have. I got the raise, I bought the car, and I’m paying off my debt, but it feels like I’m getting nowhere fast. Why am I working so hard NOT getting anywhere?

I know I shouldn’t be feeling like this. Everyone else seems to have their act together—you know, fulfilled and satisfied with their lives. Why don’t I?

It shouldn’t be this hard. I get overwhelmed by the dumbest choices. I know better. And I know I need to be focusing on my needs, not my wants, but I just can’t ever seem to actually DO THAT. What’s wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with you...

You know having goals is important, and you DO have goals: paying off the debt, of course, and retiring, saving money, buying a house, and more.

But every time you step off the ledge and try a new spreadsheet or budgeting plan, it works for about six weeks… and then you’re starting over again.

What’s the point of continuing to try if everything you try puts you right back where you started?

Photo of a woman concerned about her finances sitting at table with papers and her hand on temple. Learn to manage your finances in positive ways with the help of financial coaching services in California.
Photo of a woman wearing headphones and speaking to her laptop. Work with a skilled financial coach to begin managing money. Find support with financial coaching services in California.

Your Strategy Does Make a Difference

You’ve reached out to friends and family who’ve lovingly provided you with wisdom or positive affirmations like “Just stick to a budget.” Are any of them really sticking to their budgets anyway?  You’ve Googled like crazy, listened to podcasts, and downloaded budgeting worksheets. Something always seems a bit off, though… like those strategies were designed for someone with a different life than you have.

You know EXACTLY what needs to be done. Maybe you just have to buckle down and get things done, once and for all! You just have to force yourself. Just like you’ve done many times before. 

But… If these expectations of yourself were going to work, they would have worked by now.

It's Time to Try Something New... Like Financial Coaching Services

We are not here to preach at you, or even to be your accountability buddy. And we’re absolutely not here to be clever or add complexity and clutter to your life.

As financial coaches, we are here to show you a path between where you are now and where you want to go. Along the way, we’ll find a route through your obstacles, finding new starting points along the way. We’ll use your current mindset and resources to put you on the right path.

Start Seeking Change With Your Financial Habits

Seeking change and being open to collaboration is all it takes to get past the obstacles in front of you. It isn’t about income, and it isn’t even really about spending and saving, you are plenty smart and plenty resourceful!

The very fact that you’re reading this page means you already have the right mindset to move past any obstacle in front of you and propel you on to where you really want to be. Your ability to seek out change is your biggest asset!

Let’s take that impetus and evolve it! Together.

Shaming Yourself is Not Enough

Everyone is capable of reflecting on their behavior (spending and otherwise), but doing it without “I shouldn’t have,” “I should have,” or similar internal language is a special skill, but once learned, it can be a superpower!  I’ll teach you no-risk games and strategies that will help you build financial resilience with very little effort.  

Practicing the skills to be deeply aware of your financial behavior does not need to be difficult!

Most of the practice you’ll be doing will be simple games presented in a no-risk way. Once you’ve practiced a new skill or strategy, we’ll fold it into what you’re already doing that works with your money. Then we’ll evaluate how that new strategy is working, NOT if you are doing it right!

I’m not here to disrupt your life, just to honor what is already working in your life, evolve that, and then get out of your way!

You’ll be able to:

  • Develop an adaptive money system (financial plan) that changes with you over time
  • Master decision-making tools that help you understand and overcome obstacles
  • Deeply understand your money habits and routines without judgment, willpower, or obligation
  • Use your financial resilience to protect you from unforeseen emergencies and prepare you for unexpected opportunities

Not only do I listen carefully to my clients and reflect back, but I teach them how to listen and observe themselves and understand the connection between your money and your finances is not something that can be directed from the outside.

What else should you expect from financial coaching?

You can breathe again

You can think around corners and make decisions with clarity. There is a beautiful freedom to see the options you have available, evaluate them thoughtfully, and act with purpose.

You find you're closer to being financially safe than you thought!

Think about it, what would your life look like if you felt comfortable with your spending, were confident about where your life was going, and knew that you could trust yourself to make the right decisions to get there?

What could you do then that you can’t do now?

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At Pacific Stoa, we want to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to managing your finances. So in addition to helping individuals take control of their finances, we also provide Financial Coaching for CouplesFinancial Coaching for Divorce and Separation, and Financial Coaching for Families. I also offer Financial Consulting for Nonprofits and Businesses to help create a customized strategy built specifically for you, your organization, and those you serve. Check out my FAQ to learn more about Financial Coaching and my Blog!