Ready to trust yourself with your money again?

Being financially well isn’t about shame or restriction.

Online holistic financial coaching is about resilience and awareness.

You don’t remember the last time you felt confident and secure in your finances…

…and you’ve already tried so many times to just get your shit together financially that trying even one more time seems like too much.

That’s where holistic financial coaching comes in.  It wont be easy, but quicker than you think, you’ll be able to feel confident in your decision making and problem solving.  Whether you’re on your own or part of a couple, having clarity on where your money is going and why makes it so much easier to plan into the future.  I know if you’ve read this far down the page, there is likely some financial stress beating you down… just know that you are probably closer to the other side of that stress than it feels like right now.  

The purpose of holistic financial coaching: Learning how to not stress about money

The purpose of holistic financial coaching isn’t to direct you, correct you, or tell you what to do… our goal is to teach you how to trust yourself with your money, build bespoke money systems (budgeting), and let you finally, finally disconnect your self-worth from your money. Holistic means we respect that every part of your life touches your money, and money touches every part of your life, either directly or indirectly.  Focusing just on the mechanics of money without understanding and healing your relationship with money will NOT work.  (You’ve likely already tried that many, many times.)

Client “N”‘s Story:

“The first time Hanna said that we were NOT going to be restricting our spending I thought she was crazy…”

Just like most of my clients, N and their partner came to coaching fully prepared to submit to whatever system I presented.  Their bills were piling up, they couldn’t have a conversation about budgeting, much less when to go out to dinner and when not to.

Income wasn’t a problem, but they always felt like they were right on the razor’s edge of financial devastation.  From last-minute business trips to birthday gifts, to an exploding hot water heater, everything was emergency.  And so they came to me seeking the “right way” to restrict their spending so they could finally “get it together”.

So ya, they thought I was crazy when I said there is no place for restriction in holistic financial coaching.

“…it was bizarre… the more we learned how to be aware of our behavior without shame, the easier it was to make better decisions, and the less stress we had!”

The above name/initial and example is a composite narrative and do not reflect actual clients.

So what’s the single biggest thing you’d like to take away from financial coaching?

Let me know!

Not sure holistic financial coaching is right for you?

I get it!  You’re welcome to check my philosophy on financial coaching, or head over to the home page for some stories about how people just like you have grown financially resilient, learned to trust themselves with money, and can finally sleep at night!