It’s hard not to feel like a failure

But trusting yourself with money again is much closer than you might think!

Online, holistic financial coaching for recovery from separation and divorce

You’ve worked so hard, and now it feels like you have nothing to show for it.

You thought you were doing everything right, and now everything is just a mess… maybe your partner controlled the money, or maybe you did, but now everything feels blown to pieces, and it’s hard to know how to start picking them back up again.

It’s gotten overwhelming…

On top of the legal paperwork, moving, questions from family and friends, you’re just supposed to somehow pick up the pieces of a fractured financial life. You know that just getting your money squared away is one of the most important things you “should” be doing right now, but every time you look at the stack of bills or your account balance, it’s just too much.

Breathe easy… feeling financially secure is not that far away.

We shut down when things get overwhelming… and that’s NORMAL. When everything hurts, eventually our brains and bodies will shut down to protect us. The avoidance, procrastination, and apathy is actually a normal part of this process. Together you and I will find the path through this pain, crisis, and shut-down to a place where you can look at your finances, and yes, even plan for the future with clear eyes.

What would trusting yourself with your money look like?

You are so much closer than you think! What could you accomplish if you had a custom-built, adaptable budget that didn’t make you feel restricted? How would you feel right now if you had clarity and confidence in your spending and decision making?

Let’s start TODAY.

How much longer can you go on like this?

I know it feels endless, and I know how devastating this has been, and that there isn’t a single part of your life that hasn’t been affected. But I also know that you have everything between your ears right now to make it through this. I’m here to build a pathway with and for you, teach you tools, and help you trust yourself with money.

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