When was the last time you felt connected over finances?

If the “money talk” hurts every time, of course there will be avoidance, resentment, and frustration

But you are so much closer to a healthy money life than you may think!

Online Holistic Financial Wellness for Couples

”We just have to push through this conversation, once and for all.”

You’ve tried to force yourselves through a money talk, I know. And I know the conversation took what seemed like hours, everyone felt unheard, unseen and unsafe, and that big, gnarly conversation makes it less and less likely that you’ll ever try again.

Why would you?

If just forcing or pushing through financial conversations worked, we’d all be fine.

And we are not fine.

You’re either shutting your partner out, or you are the one nagging… everyone feels like the bad guy

You both feel threatened, you’re both trying to protect yourselves, and everyone suffers. You can’t talk about it with friends or family, much less each other.

You’ve got more than enough income, but the bills are piling up.

You’ve got great jobs, but you can’t ever seem to build any savings.

You communicate so well in other parts of your lives…

Talking about money is a big deal with lots of moving parts… resources, risk tolerances, priorities, it goes on and on… and you and your partner naturally have different perspectives. So let’s use that!

Using a holistic approach, we’ll develop a strategy uniquely suited to your needs that takes everything into account – your individual personalities, perspective, and emotions.

Together the three of us will devise strategies that will take you from where you are to where you want to go!

You’re so *&@##ing ready to trust each other (and yourselves) with money

You wouldn’t have read this far down the page if you weren’t serious about having effective, healthy, positive money conversations with your partner.

Just using the same old tools you’ve always used (pushing through, forcing yourselves to keep to a budget, etc) is not working. But maybe it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong.

Maybe it’s just that you haven’t been given the right tools.

How much longer can you two go on like this?

There’s a lot on the line. I know how difficult this part is, and I know that the next step is absolutely the hardest.

But you really are so much closer than you may think!

Imagine being excited to have a financial conversation with your partner! Imagine finally knowing HOW to talk with your partner about money… what could you two accomplish if you had clarity and confidence in your decision making?

Think about what you could do together if you were both open and felt safe, heard, and understood.

Let’s begin this financial journey together, TODAY.

Don’t wait another moment – your future is waiting for you!

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