Recovering from Procrastination

You’ve tried to stop procrastinating so many times.

Over and over, I’ve tried to get better at managing my time, keep to my schedule, and I see a few weeks of success… then I’m right back to my old ways.

I guess I’m just lazy.

What’s the point of trying, if it doesn’t matter what I do, right?

Like putting out fire with gasoline, we try to kill procrastination by pouring on more accountability, more to-do lists, more expectations, more limitations, and more responsibility on ourselves.

And then… nothing… no lasting, long-term, positive change.

When you’ve tried everything to “just get my sh** together” with little to no change…

… and feel like your only recourse is to try the same things again and again…

It sucks!!

You try and try again using the only tools you have, but you get discouragingly pitiful results.

The pattern is unmistakable.

You’ve tried forcing yourself, willpower, punishments, and rewards, but is there another way to undermine procrastination?

Procrastination is NOT a personality defect.

Avoidance and procrastination are symptoms of a larger disease, not the disease itself. Recognizing the cycle of that disease is the first, and most critical step towards finally undermining procrastination.

Through our time in Procrastination Recovery Coaching you will not be directed, corrected, or shamed. Instead you’ll be learning the tools it takes to slow down and then undermine procrastination.

What would your life look like if you could trust yourself?

If just desperately wanting to finally stop putting things off were enough, we’d all be fine.

My job is simply to provide the conditions you need to heal from procrastination and never look back.

Resilience and awareness are the only conditions you need to make your own change. I’ll be there to teach you the tools and then get out of your way!

You are so much closer than you think.

Think of the opportunity you have here…

You can not only breathe the clean air of being productive, responsible, and motivated without procrastination holding you back, but you get to model that for those around you!

Recovering from procrastination takes more than just reading a book or following a to-do list. It takes a customized approach and a personalized strategy built specifically for you. That’s what the Procrastination Recovery 5-Session Bundle is all about.

You are just five sessions away from being free from avoidance and procrastination.

What do those five sessions look like for you? Let’s find 30 minutes next week to talk about it. Call (503) 908-3425 now to schedule your free 30-minute consultation, or you can put yourself right on my calendar Here.