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Why Online Financial Coaching

Building Financial Systems That Fit Your Life

You Can't Beat the Convenience. Want to Know Why?

I'm more available to you.

If you live outside Oregon’s Willamette Valley, you likely don’t have a local Holistic Financial Coach that you can see.

My schedule is also vastly more flexible, so we can meet you when YOU can meet.

We’ll probably get more done than if we met in person.

Small-talk in an online environment is more limited than in a face-to-face setting (maybe it’s just me?). I love catching up, but after that, we’ll get right into the nitty-gritty!

A financial coach and her happy client. Both women are smiling, both have blue shirts, but only the client is facing the camera. The coach's face is almost in profile. Both women have dark hair.

Meetings are more regular and easier to attend.

The more convenient our meetings are, the more likely you are to attend. Regular meetings are one of the best ways to get from where you are to where you want to go!

Accessibility isn’t a problem.

I have several clients with TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) and have had clients who’ve had concerns about leaving their homes, having convenient transportation, or childcare.

Online sessions means more accessibility for EVERYONE.

You’re already in your happy place.

For the most part, I’m joining you in YOUR environment, which I hope is somewhere comfortable. This can be especially important if we are talking about something that deeply impacts you, and you need some time to decompress after we talk.

It’s also likely someplace you’ve taken a million Zoom calls by now, so it’ll be familiar.

It’s gentler on your wallet.

We both save on travel experiences. And with low, predictable overhead, I can offer consistent pricing.

Two friends talking. One woman is holding a cup in her right hand and smiling while talking. They are both wearing cowl sweaters and they are sitting outside.

Are you wondering if it’s as effective as in-person coaching?

I went kicking and screaming into the virtual meeting world, and I’m so glad I did! Over and over, I’ve seen how online meetings change how we focus on each other.

Instead of finding a disconnect between myself and those I serve, I found that the accessibility and limited distractions that come with online meetings have deepened and accelerated the work I can do with people.

The online platforms have made coaching more casual. Because I’m not traveling to you and you’re not traveling to me, carving out parts of our days and making a whole event out of it, coaching becomes easier to integrate into our schedules. It’s just a part of your life!

You’ll love online coaching, but watch out for these things…


I spend pretty much my whole working life on the computer, so I know how easy it is to get caught up in doing multiple things on multiple devices at the same time. If you need to devote your attention or bandwidth elsewhere, we can just reschedule.


There will be opportunities for distractions to creep in when you’re at home (cats, kids, leaf blowers, etc.). Just keep that in mind. If you go into our session with that expectation, it’ll be easier to roll with the punches when they happen!


This rarely comes up as a concern, but you may not want to discuss your finances with an audience. Depending on your living situation, that may not be an option. Let’s get creative! Can you sit in your car? Would you rather meet at your office? We can work together anywhere in the world that’s reasonably comfortable with a reliable data connection.

I’ll also be mindful of this on my end. I always wear headphones when we talk – for a couple of reasons. First, I like hearing your voice right in my head. Second, it protects your confidentiality. I live in a (normally) quiet apartment. When the weather is nice, my windows are likely to be open. I wouldn’t want some random person overhearing our conversation!

Unreliable wifi or technology...

We’ll troubleshoot as much as we can, but we might need to move to a phone call if things are rotten in the tech realm. Or we can reschedule… no problem!

Get comfortable, and then let's talk!

So… are you ready to see how comfortable online coaching is AND get from where you are to where you want to be with your finances?

Let’s schedule a free info session: (503) 908-3425!