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“Just make a budget and stick to it.”

We’ve all heard that a thousand times.  You’ve probably even said it to yourself a thousand times.  But it never seems to work, or not for very long.

Conventional financial “wisdom” is built on willpower and obligation. 

The messaging is that you’ll just have to restrict yourself, punish yourself, and work a littler harder.

Then everything will be fine, right?

But it never seems to work out that way.

“What’s wrong with me?”

There’s not a damn thing wrong with you.

You’re just trying to use the same old restrictive financial tools we’ve always been given.  Because those are the only tools you’ve ever been given, of course they’re the only tools you use.

But there are other tools out there.

There are proven ways to be aware of your spending without judging or shaming yourself.  There are ways to learn to trust yourself with your money without willpower, obligation, or restriction.

There is no difference between trusting yourself and resilience.

Good news! The fact that you’ve read this far down this page means that you already have everything you need to be aware of your spending without avoidance or shame.

Only when you can trust yourself with your money and be aware of your spending patterns without obligating or judging yourself can you build a budget that will actually work for you!


Reach out!

Ready to disconnect your self worth from your finances?

I’ve created this adaptive guided journal to do exactly that.

The secret sauce to everything I do is that I meet my clients exactly where they are, without expectation, correction, or direction.

And this guided journal and work book does that too!

Wherever you are in life, whether you are an old hand at budgeting or have never quite made one work, this book is intentionally designed to help you observe your relationship with your money and then evolve it!

And it’s just about packed full of goodies:

  • Four different ways to personalize how you use it
  • Six weeks of daily journal prompts
  • Three chapters on holistic financial fundamentals
  • Three separate workbooks
  • Recorded companion class
  • Tipsheets and other printables

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