You Can Trust Yourself With Money Again

Holistic Financial Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Non-profits

“Will I ever stop being stressed?”

Della* has done everything right – a stable income, reliable transportation, time off, a lovely home.

But it never feels like enough.

She’s worked hard but is secretly unhappy and feels guilty for that unhappiness. There are so many others much worse off than she is, after all.

The financial stress hasn’t stopped, and the emergencies still happen too often. It seems like she’s always behind on at least one bill. She’s not a “big spender” and feels like she is restricting herself from frivolous spending but still doesn’t have nearly enough savings to feel comfortable or even safe.

What’s the point of working this hard and not really ever getting anywhere?

Far from feeling safe, secure, and satisfied with her life, Della is stuck feeling trapped and frustrated.

“It shouldn’t be this hard!”

Every time Peter* and Erin* sit down to talk about their finances, they end up frustrated, or worse, fighting. It’s gotten to the point where they just don’t talk about money and shut down anytime the subject comes up.

Both of them feel misunderstood, unheard, and unseen. The resentment is beginning to affect their relationship. How can they be so in-tune in other parts of their lives but be so out of step with finances?

Trying to spend only on what they need, not what they want, but they can’t even agree on which purchases are needs or wants!

After dinner with another couple one evening, Peter and Erin commented that the other couple seemed to have no trouble talking about their money to each other AND in the company of others! They seemed so comfortable and happy talking about how they were spending that it came as a bit of a shock to Peter and Erin.

“Do other couples really talk freely about money like that?”

“Something is missing.”

The trade school Helena* runs is nationally recognized for changing the lives of its students. People enter training earning minimum wage with little more than their high school diploma and leave highly skilled, confident, and ready to build the world!

And yet, she hears from graduates, teachers, and mentors that the same financial troubles that plagued them before their training remain long after they have a great job. The high wages and stable work should be enough, but clearly, it’s not.

She knows that the population she serves is wicked smart, so it’s not a matter of them not being bright enough to understand money, and she knows they’re serious… they wouldn’t be talking to her about their money woes if they weren’t.

A few years ago, the school folded a few financial literacy lessons into the curriculum but had seen little success with that. Helena even went so far as to print out a stack of budget sheets and make them available… all the students would have to do is fill in their spending!

No one takes a budget sheet, much less fills it out.

This is where I come in.

When Della hesitantly made an appointment with me, she expected to be directed and told what to do with her money. Truth be told, she wanted to have that responsibility taken from her!

Instead, we diligently worked together to understand her goals, obstacles, decision-making processes, and dug deeply into an enemy she’d been battling for years… procrastination.

Quicker than she had thought, she soon had her customized money system… a budget that changed with her life, and really understood her relationship to money.

Without forcing herself, willpower, or obligation, she quickly kicked the teeth out of procrastination, too!

Despite almost paralyzing money anxiety…

Erin reached out to the couple and asked how they figured out how to talk about money without fighting. That’s when the couple referred Peter and Erin to me.

At our first meeting, it became clear their relationship could not handle much more avoidance, blame, and shame. It wasn’t easy, but together the three of us practiced, played games, and explored their individual and shared goals, worries, and priorities.

They developed their own “money language” and built themselves a progressive, adaptive spending plan that gave them control and insight over their finances.

My job is not to tell you how to make a budget.

When Helena reached out to me, one of her first questions was, “How do you get people to stick to a budget?”

She was a bit startled by my response… “I don’t”, I said.

My job is to teach others to trust themselves with money and give them the tools that they need to do just that!

Together, Helena and I developed a plan for her school. We found a perfect blend of personalized coaching for the students and supportive training for faculty and staff.

Hi, I’m Hanna!

My mission is to help you learn to trust yourself with your money!

Our work together begins with a deep, collaborative discussion about you, your goals, and your priorities. Why are those goals important? What’s next for you?

Lasting financial wellness only happens when we are respectful of all parts of your life. After all, every part of your life touches your finances, and your finances affect every part of your life.

This means we’ll be talking about money mechanics, of course, but we’ll also be exploring your money habits and your relationship to your finances… all without judgment, shame, or guilt.

Together, we will build a customized, adaptive, evolving path to move you from where you are to where you want to go!

My job is NOT to direct you down this path – it’s simply to teach you how to use the tools you’ll need to get there on your own.

When you are ready to make changes, I’m here! Don’t wait for the next raise, the next emergency, or the next big decision… NOW is the best time to start!

“I was so much closer than I thought!”

Without making a dime more than she did before we met, Della now feels secure in her finances, confident in her choices, and accomplished where she is in her life now.

And now that she isn’t worried about her finances, she can think about what’s next!

“Talking about money is actually… fun?!”

Money conversations are now an easy, intimate part of Peter’s and Erin’s life together. They can trust themselves and each other to make wise choices.  And they finally feel like they are making progress towards their financial independence.

Peter and Erin are now considering starting a business together! They are in a perfect place to put their well-practiced communication, planning, and budgeting skills to good use!

“Collaboration was key.”

Because we took the time to understand the needs of her students and her school, we built a bespoke strategy for infusing financial wellness into the service they provide.

Helena and her staff can breathe a little better knowing their students are well-prepared to enter their new careers with healthy money routines and mindsets!

Not sure how holistic financial coaching would work for YOU?

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*The above names and examples are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.