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Financial Coaching for Divorce and Separation

Finances and Divorce Can be a Disruptive Combination.

From your sleep routine to what you thought your future was going to be like, to your day-to-day finances, everything feels untethered, unsafe, and uncertain. Whether you’re just beginning to prepare for this transition, you’re deep in the throes of it or are finally beginning to recover, finances and divorce can be traumatic, but you CAN get through this.

It’s two steps forward, one step back… and then another step back.

Right now it can feel like you’re simultaneously stuck and apathetic.  Somehow both in crisis and shut down, overwhelmed and frustrated.

It’s all on you now.

It’s overwhelming… you’re always worried, always thinking about money, always insecure, and always busy.   But somehow never quite getting the things done you should be doing… it’s impossible to stay focused. You find yourself shutting down… avoiding… disappearing… losing yourself.

The impetus to shut down is a protective strategy to keep us from continuing to expose ourselves to pain, and it’s absolutely NORMAL.

It’s very easy to get sucked into the cycle of avoidance, procrastination, and shutting down. And you don’t need me to tell you that cycle of avoiding only makes everything worse. Of course, this protective avoidance can make anyone second-guess their reactions and decisions in many domains of their life, but especially finances.

You’re Wondering if Financial Coaching Services With Divorce Financial Advice Could Help

What would it look like if you could make better decisions (financial and otherwise), be confident in your choices, and be at peace with your future?

Wait, no, not just at peace with your future… what would it look like if you were directing your life toward the future YOU choose?

Would you be able to model that resilience and trust in yourself for your kids? Would you feel more organized, comfortable, and maybe even… happy?

The good news you already have everything you need to get to that place of confidence, resilience, and peace!

Here’s What We’ll do During Your Introductory Session for Finacial Coaching Services:

In our first session, we’ll talk about where you are and where you want to go. We’ll take as much time as you need.

From that point on, we are a team. I’ll share with you strategies, and tools (they’re mostly just games) to help you develop your own money language, create an adaptive spending plan, and build a scaffold for your own systems!

Far from plugging a premade, prescriptive budget into your life, we’re going to custom-build a money system. Once we develop that system to tackle the current obstacles, we will begin thinking about our goals and dreams further into the future.

The scaffold we’ll build is nothing less than a customized strategy built for you BY you!

Eventually, you won’t need me anymore!

When you can trust yourself with money, observe your own behavior without judgment, and know how to iterate your own money system, I know my work is done!

Not Sure if Financial Coaching for Divorce is Right for You?

woman hiking on her own having an adventure after recovering from a divorce

Here are some of the issues I’ve worked on with my clients:

  • Preparing for the financial impact of divorce or separation
  • How to make better decisions under the pressure of finances and divorce
  • Understanding and undermining procrastination and avoidance
  • Reshaping and re-evaluating long-term goals
  • Creating a personalized, adaptable budget after divorce (not a conventional budget)
  • Feeling confident and secure around setting goals for the future
  • Modeling good financial routines/systems for children
  • Healing relationship with money
  • Changing spending without restriction or shame
  • Being aware of actions/reactions without judgment
  • Recovering from fraud and scams
  • Recovering from financial infidelity
  • Recovering from financial abuse
  • Feeling trapped in a marriage because of money

You are so much closer than you might think!  Let’s get started!

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Other Services Offered at Pacific Stoa

At Pacific Stoa, I want to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to managing your finances. So in addition to helping my clients take control of their finances after divorce or separation, I also provide Individual Financial CoachingFinancial Coaching for Couples, and Financial Coaching for Families. I also offer Financial Consulting for Nonprofits and Businesses to help create a customized strategy built specifically for you, your organization, and those you serve. Check out my FAQ to learn more about Financial Coaching and my Blog!