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Join us in developing a tool that will change lives.

You already know debt is an obstacle for individuals and families in your community.

Maybe you’ve helped them run their credit report or slid them a premade budget. Maybe they’ve been trying, on their own to pay down their debt, but the minimum payments aren’t cutting it… they’ll likely be in debt for decades.

You feel just as stuck as they do.

You’ve offered every tool you have to encourage them, keep them on track and focused, but it doesn’t seem to be working, or it’s just not working fast enough.

Let’s build a new tool together.

Pacific Stoa has been developing a tool that will help those you serve pay off their debts in about a third of the time, build supportive communities around themselves, and change their relationship with money.

Imagine what your community could accomplish if they could pivot their debt into savings, feel supported, and not feel shame around their finances.

We need your input to do this work.

As a leader in your community, your input is critical to the development of this strategy. The potential impact of groups like yours being able to facilitate large-scale debt payoff cannot be understated.

We need your input to build this tool!

Please take two minutes to complete the survey below. In gratitude, your group, organization or company will receive a 10% discount on the final program if it goes to market!

Thank you in advance!

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