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Ready to trust yourself with your money again?

Deevo and I had a great time talking about holistic financial coaching!  (And I enjoyed the swearing)

Financial wellness isn’t just about sticking to a budget, or restricting yourself. If that was going to work for you or anyone, it probably would have worked by now!  What I love about a holistic approach to finances is that we respect that your money touches every part of your life, and every part of your life touches your money!

That means I can teach financial concepts (like trusting yourself, resilience, and awareness without judgment) on NON-financial domains and still see a positive impact on my client’s financial lives!

Just for Deevo’s listeners, I’ve got a mini-class (about 12 minutes long) that does this exact thing.  In this class you’ll learn a practice that not only makes it easier to think about the future, but will also make your life easier by tomorrow!

Download the mini class now!

And here’s your “homework”

Just want to explore what holistic financial coaching might look like for you?

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Want to learn more about how I help people learn to trust themselves with their money?

Check out the home page, where you’ll find lots of great stories.  You can browse the FAQs here.  Do you have about 9 minutes?  Check out this article on the two financial reasons for divorce.