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Marriage and Finances

Financial Coaching for Couples

Finally trust yourself AND your partner with money.

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What is the single biggest reason you’re looking for financial coaching?

happy, financially confident couple enjoying a vacation, how a couple could feel after financial coaching
“Hanna’s curriculum is deceptively gentle. I’ll be honest, the first time Hanna told us she does not allow shame, punishment, or restriction, I thought she was crazy. But before we knew it, we were communicating in a way we both felt safe and then were able to make an actual budget we still keep with today.”

-Client I

You're worried you'll be told what to do...

You’re safe here. You will not be corrected, directed, or sold to. Our work will be collaborative and respectful.

You think you are "bad at money"

You can’t use tools you’ve never been given. My job is to replace old, conventional financial “wisdom” with tools and strategies custom built for you, by you.

But you are so much closer than you think you are!

It might seem like it will take years to make any progress (after all it took you years to get here), but you’ll start seeing results in just a few sessions. Most couples meet with me for just 15 sessions.

Couples' financial coaching that respects both of you.

“We were having the same cyclical, toxic conversation over and over. We were both so resentful and hurt that we couldn’t even decide whether to eat out or not. EVERYTHING we talked about felt like a trap. Through our work with Hanna, we recognized that our instincts to protect ourselves from each other were normal, and she showed us how we could communicate without feeling exposed or unsafe. I wish we’d found her 30 years ago.”

-Client M

“I was either attacking my partner or feeling like was being attacked. We’d tried so many fucking budgets, endless spreadsheets, restricting ourselves until we couldn’t function, and getting in to way too much debt. We make good money and could not understand why we never had any savings. My favorite part of working with Hanna was how we snuck up on our budget. That first conversation my wife and I had without fighting while talking about money was shocking. It surprised us both.”

-Client A

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching for Marriage and Finances

What do we need to have on hand for coaching?

You won’t need any financial information on hand as we begin coaching.

Through our work together we’ll be gathering all of that info.

Collecting and presenting all your financial “laundry” seems like the logical first step, right? But if I asked my clients to start getting financially naked right up front, we’d never start.

Is it important that both partners be at the info session?

It is, yes.  The purpose of an info session is for me to make sure I’m a good fit for both of you, and of course, for you folks to ask any and all questions you might have.  

We’ll also talk about what to expect out of coaching as well as logistics (pricing, homework, schedulingn etc.)

If you feel like just an info session with you is called for, you’re welcome to reach out and we can find a time together!

I want my partner to stop spending money... how will you fix that?

Short answer, I don’t fix anything or anyone… mostly because you (and your partner) are not broken.  My job is not to direct, shame, or punish anyone. 

Instead, my job is to give you both tools that will help you first trust yourselves with your money, then each other.  We’ll talk about how to bring decision making in line with your values, and how to build a customized communication system around money.

Will you give us a budget?

Nope.  I’ve never just assigned a budget to anyone.  The purpose of our work together will be that I build your budget with you, and for you.  

I’ve never built the same budget twice!  

A budget isn’t just a spending plan, it’s also a communication tool.  After all, if you and your partner can’t communicate about money, it doesn’t matter how much of it you make, how much you restrict yourselves, or how beautiful of a budget you try to implement, it WILL fail.


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