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You’ve tried everything to stop procrastinating.

You’ve tried accountability partners, willpower, forcing yourself to just do it, and endless checklists.

And you’ve seen some success… for a few weeks, and then it’s back again.

You never seem to have enough time, you’re always feeling rushed.

You work really hard, but…

You’re stuck.

Just as you’re about to fall asleep – it only takes remembering one thing you’re putting off to send you into another spiraling, sleepless night.

You’ve been dealing with this for so long you’ve kind of just accepted that you’ll never NOT be a procrastinator.

Logically, you know you should be able to kill procrastination on your own, but nothing ever changes, and you’re exhausted. You can’t keep fighting this battle alone anymore.

You’re much closer than you think.

From our very first session, you’ll notice a difference.

If just being told what to do worked, it would have worked by now. By providing you with specific tools along with careful support and guidance, you’ll notice the specter of procrastination fading quicker than you may have thought possible. And it’s fun!

You’ll leave every session with something that you can use that day that begins to untangle procrastination.

I’m all about progress without obligation, judgment, shame, or directives. Let’s put the energy where it belongs!

Your life is about to take off.

Imagine taking that first, fresh, clean breath of air when your time-management is easy and natural, and you are productive without having to force yourself to do ANYTHING.

It’ll be a no drama, no stress kinda breath.

What will your life look like once procrastination is a memory?

Don’t wait – the time is now.

You can’t get your head above the water doing what you’ve always done.

It’s time to give yourself the support you deserve.


Together, we’ll make a meaningful difference in your life.

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