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Bills are piling up

Finances have become a touchy subject in your home. Everyone feels unseen, unheard, and unsafe. Money intersects with every aspect of our lives, and emotions are easily stirred up.

You never thought that you’d find yourself shutting down or getting emotionally trampled every time the topic of money came up between you and your partner.

Coming from different backgrounds and upbringing around money, you both have different ways of dealing with finances. You assumed because your communication was good, you would figure it out.

But the further along you progress in your lives together, the stresses of mortgages, grocery bills, and joint accounts are beginning to take a toll on the wellbeing of your relationship.

“I’m just trying to keep the peace”

You never thought you were the kind of person who would shut down just to keep the peace, but talking about money just ends in too much conflict.

“We just need to figure this out! We’re out of time!”

Or maybe you’re finding that you are the one responsible over and over for trying to right the ship. Resources are limited and your partner’s hesitancy is frustrating.

Everything feels like conflict.

The tension around finances creeps into every interaction.

The financial conversations have become so fraught and exhausting that it feels impossible to connect on any level. Neither one of you feels seen by the other.

Now you’re both closed off from one another, laying sullenly silent in bed. There’s got to be a way out of this, but neither of you knows how.

Financial conversations are intimate quality time!

Finances intersect with every aspect of our lives, so it makes perfect sense that they would affect your relationship.

But here’s the good news! By proactively working on the nitty-gritty of your finances, you’ll strengthen your relationship and create profound intimacy between you.

“Money talks” are an incredible opportunity to grow together as a couple. They help you evolve as individuals and as a couple by clarifying your personal goals and conjoining the future.

When you’re talking about money, you’re talking about your future, trust, reciprocity, hope, and love for one another. So, why not give yourself the most potent tools possible to create the happiest future?

You’re much closer than you think.

I know that you’re serious about your relationship, your finances, and your future together. (That’s how you found my page).

It’s not your fault that you haven’t had the right tools. But that’s precisely why I’m here. I’m passionate about helping couples achieve their money goals.

Good news! The fact that you’ve read this far down this page means that you already have everything you need to master and evolve your shared financial life!

Using a holistic approach, we’ll develop a strategy uniquely suited to your needs that takes everything into account – your personalities, emotions, and devise strategies to reach your financial dreams!

Let’s begin this financial journey together, TODAY.

Imagine being excited to have a financial conversation with your partner and planning where you go next TOGETHER!

Think about what you could do together if you were both open and felt safe, heard, and understood.

Don’t wait another moment, California – your future is waiting for you!

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